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Vietnamese Wingchun - Vinhxuan

Vietnamese Wingchun - Vinhxuan

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Vietnamese Wingchun - Vinhxuan
author:  I. Dudukchan
translator: Marina Kondratenko
language: English
    Wing Chun is a most popular style of Chinese martial arts. Wing Chun has many styles and schools such as Yip Man school, Pan Nam school, Yuen Kay-San school, Nguen Te Cong school (Vietnamese Wing Chun ) and others. Nguen Te Cong (Yuen Chai-Wan) is a founder of Vietnamese Wing Chun school. He and his brother (Yuen Kay-San) learned kung-fu under master Fung Siu-Ching and master Fok Bo-Kuen. In 1936 he moved to Hanoi (Vietnam) and opened martial art school. His Wing Chun style has many different forms: thudao qyuen (siu lim tao), 108 form (single form, partner form and wooden dummy form), five animals form, tiger form, leopard form, crane form, snake form and dragon form. This forms and combat applications are present in this book. This book contains 148 pages, over 1400 illustrations.
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Chapter 1.The theory of Wing Chun
Chapter 2. Stances and moving
Chapter 3. The Strokes
Chapter 4. The Defense
Chapter 5. The Throws  and Grabs
Chapter 6. The methods of attack
Chapter 7.The defense and the counterattack
Chapter 8. The Thudao qyuen (Siu Lim Tao)
Chapter 9. The «108» form
- The «108» form with the opponent
- The «108» form with the Wooden Dummy
Chapter 10.The Five Animals fist
- Ngu Hinh qyuen (The joint five animals form)
- The martial combinations
- The paired form
Capter 11. Chi sao (The sticky hands)
Appendix 1. The Tiger form (Ho qyuen)
Appendix 2. The Leopard  form (Bao qyuen)
Appendix 3. The Crane  form (Hac qyuen)
Appendix 4. The Snake  form (Sa qyuen)
Appendix 5. The Dragon  form (Long  qyuen)