Traditional Wing Chun

Traditional Wing Chun

Traditional Wing Chun
The branch of great master Yip Man
author: Igor Dudukchan
language: English

   Wing Chun Kuen - is the most famous and dynamic style of Wushu in the world. Its distinguishing features are  simplicity and economy of movements, softness and flexibility, as well as the effectiveness of protection and power of attacks. The main purpose of this direction of Chinese martial arts is the fastest  achievement of victory in battle with the minimum efforts and energy.
   Over the long history of Wing Chun, the original style was divided into several large branches. It should be noted that at the similarity of the principles that were put to the basis of the style, technique and forms of different versions of Wing Chun Kuen, there are very big differences.
   This book, proposed to the attention of the readers is devoted to the overview of  Wing Chun Kuen technique, transmitted to us by the great master Yip Man.


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Chapter 1
Origin and Development of Wing Chun Kuen
Chapter 2
The theory of Wing Chun
Chapter 3
Stances and movements
Chapter 4
Stroke technique
Chapter 5
Defense technique
Chapter 6
Throws and grabs
Chapter 7
Training combinations
Chapter 8
Methods of attack
Chapter 9
Methods of defense and counterattack
Chapter 10
Sticky hands - Chi Sau
Chapter 11
Special exercises
Lop Sau
Fon Sau
Chapter 12
Siu Lim Tao
Martial combinations
Chum Kiu
Martial combinations
Biu Jee
Martial combinations
Chapter  13
Training at the wooden dummy