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Traditional Wing Chun - The Special Exercises

Traditional Wing Chun - The Special Exercises

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Traditional Wing Chun
The Special Exercises
author:  I. Dudukchan
language: English
   Wing Chun it is a best known and dynamically developed throughout the world Wushu style. Its distinctive features are easiness and economy of movements, softness and compliance and also effectiveness of defenses and power of attacks. The main aim of this direction of Chinese martial arts is a most fast victory in combat with the least expense of forces and energy. 
   The offered book is devoted to the survey of the Special Exercises of Wing Chun Kuen, such as Сhi SauLop SauFon Sau and other. 
   The book contains large number of illustration and will be useful for everybody, who studies the martial arts.
108 pages, Paperback
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Chapter 1 Stances and movements
- Stances
- Combat hands position
- Movements
Chapter 2 The blows technique
Chapter 3 Defense technique
Chapter 4 Chi Sau - «Sticky Hands»
- Dang Chi Sau
- Shuang Chi Sau
- Chi Sau sparring
- Exercises “Sticky Legs”
- Special tools for Chi Sau
Chapter 5 Lop Sau – “Catching hands”
Chapter 6 Fon Sau – “Binding hands”
- Basic exercises
- Advanced exercises
Chapter 7 Training combinations

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