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Taijiquan style Wu - The Simplified Form

Taijiquan style Wu - The Simplified Form

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Taijiquan style Wu

The Simplified Form

Author:  Igor Dudukchan

format: EPUB

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    This book represents the detailed description of the simplified form of the Taijiquan style Wu. This form contains smaller quantity of movements in comparison with the Long form (Dajia), but keeps all features and characteristics of school. The simplified form has been developed by Taijiquan masters of Wu family and for the first time has been presented general public Wu Yinghua, a daughter well-known Wu Jianquan – founder of Taijiquan style Wu. Also in the book detail described philosophical aspects, the base techniques and martial application of Taijiquan.


Chapter 1
Philosophical aspects of applied art of Taijiquan
Chapter 2
Ji Ben Fa (Basic Techniques)
- Hand Form
- Stances
- Chui Fa (Punching Methods)
- Tui Fa (Kicks)

Chapter 3
The Simplified form

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