Liang Style Baguazhang

Liang Style Baguazhang

Liang Style Baguazhang
Forms and Martial Applications

Author: Wang Zhang Yuan
Translator: Elena Novitskaja

format: EPUB

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   Baguazhang or «The Palm of Eight trigrams» it is one of main schools of traditional Chinese Wushu of the internal branch, which founder is considered as a famous fighter of the past Dong Haichuan. Being a marvelous teacher, he educated a whole pleiad of talented pupils, each of which continued the business of their teacher and created own style, introducing certain corrections and nuances in the techniques.
   The book, offered to readers’ attention step by step presents methods, practices and techniques of the martial art of “Eight trigrams”, originated from Liang Zhenpu, who was one of most famous teachers of the school.

Chapter 1. The brief biography of Baguazhang Liang style masters
Chapter 2. Base principles of Baguazhang
Chapter 3. Ding Shi Ba Zhang – «Eight Fixed Palms”
Chapter 4. Lao Ba Zhang – “Eight Old Palms”
Chapter 5. Zhi Tang 64 Zhang - 64 Linear Palms
Chapter 6. Dui Lian – Pair exercises
Chapter 7. Bagua Chin-na
Chapter 8. Eight main grips

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