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The art of flexibility and body training for martial arts
author:  I. Dudukchan
language: English
The offered book is intended for the readers, who would like to attain the real improvement of joints flexibility and mobility in maximally short terms, to improve the general condition of organism, to acquire the higher endurance, to strengthen the own body, fill it with “internal” energy and attain the strong health. The exercises and forms, described in the book are the ancient methods, verified by time, used by the masters of martial arts for maximal widening of the human body possibilities and training to the loads, appearing in extreme situations and under conditions of hand-to-hand fight and fight with weapons.
Paberback, 90 pages
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Chapter 1 Rougong — the training of flexibility
- Part 1 Jianbu Rougong – the exercises, 
directed on the development of shoulder girdle flexibility
- Part 2 Tuibu Rougong – The development of hip joint flexibility
- Part 3 Yaobu Rougong – The development of loin flexibility
- Part 4 Xiongbeibu Rougong – The development of thoracic spine mobility
- Part 5 Zuhaibu Rougong – The development of ankle mobility
- Part 6 Wanbu Rougong – the development of wrists mobility
Chapter 2 The Soft Qigong
Chapter 3 The Hard Qigong
- Ba Da Jingang gong – “Eight big diamond exercises”
- Jingang Lohan gong – “Exercises of diamond arhat”
Chapter 4 Special exercises
- Zhuangong - “the art of the pile”
- Pigong
- Jigong
- Tumbling and falling
Appendix 1 The Fourteen Meridians
Appendix 2 The Body Points
Appendix 3 The Most Important Points
Appendix 4 Dantians
Appendix 5 Outposts

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