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Cantonese Wing Chun - The Wooden Dummy Form

Cantonese Wing Chun - The Wooden Dummy Form

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Cantonese Wing Chun
The Wooden Dummy Form

author: Igor Dudukchan
language: English

     This book describes in detail the principles, technique and the little-known wooden dummy form practiced Cantonese schools of the Chinese Continental Wing Chun Kung Fu. Many experts believe that this form is the most ancient sequence of movements on the wooden dummy transmitted to the subsequent generations, by the original founder of the Ng Mui style. This book contains 60 pages, over 200 illustrations.




Chapter 1

The construction of the wooden dummy

Chapter 2

The Basic technique

- Movements

- Hardening of the stroke surfaces

Chapter 3

Form with the wooden dummy

- Part 1

- Part 2



Author: I. Dudukchan

Publisher: FLP Dudukchan (Ukraine)

Release Date: 2014

language: English

Softcover, 60 pages, over 200 illustrations 

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