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Vietnamese Wing Chun - The form "108"

Vietnamese Wing Chun - The form "108"

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Vietnamese Wing Chun
The form "108"
author: I. Dudukchan
translator: Marina Kondratenko
language: English
  The Wing Chun - it is a traditional style of the Chinese Kung Fu. The Wing Chun is very popular in the whole world thanks to its high efficiency application techniques.    This book is about the form “108”. The  form "108"  is the most important stage in comprehending of the applying aspects of the Vietnamese Wing Chun (Vinhxuan) style.  This form consists of the all fundamental “keys”, technique and the beginning of the fight. This book contains such chapters as: the theory of Wing Chun, fundamentals techniques, the simplified form "108" with a partner,The “108” form with the wooden dummy, The long form “108” with a partner, combinations.
Chapter 1.The theory of Wing Chun
Chapter 2. Stances and moving
Chapter 3. The Strokes
Chapter 4. The Defense
Chapter 5. The simplified form «108» 
- The  form with the opponent
- The  form with the Wooden Dummy
Chapter 6.The Long form "108"
- The Long form "108"with a partner
- Combinations


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