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Vietnamese Wing Chun - The Five Animal Forms

Vietnamese Wing Chun - The Five Animal Forms

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Vietnamese Wing Chun - The Five Animal Forms (book - English edition)
author: Igor Dudukchan
translator: Marina Kondratenko
language: English
     The Wing Chun - it is a traditional style of the Chinese Kung Fu. The Wing Chun is very popular in the whole world thanks to its high efficiency application techniques.
     The important stage in the training the Vietnamese Wing Chun is the mastering of the Five animals technique  (Ngu Hinh Quyen). This technical chapter refers only to the Vietnamese line of the Wing Chun and shows the reference to the Shaolin style. The animal techniques are built on the principles of the Wing Chun and are important for the martial empowerment of the style.
Chapter 1
The theory of Wing Chun
Chapter 2
The Five Animals fist
Ngu Hinh Quyen (The Joint five animals form)
- The Snake movements
- The Dragon movements
- The Tiger movements
- The Leopard movements
- The Crane movements
Ho quyen (The Tiger form)
Bao quyen (The Leopard form)
Hac quyen (The Cranr form)
Sa quyen (The Snake form)
Long  quyen (The Dragon form)
Chapter 3
The Martial Combinations
Chapter 4
The Paired form


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