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Unknown Wing Chun

Unknown Wing Chun

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Unknown Wing Chun
The branch of great master Chan Wah Chun
author: I. Dudukchan
language: English
   Wing Chun it is a best known and dynamically developed throughout the world Wushu style. Its distinctive features are easiness and economy of movements, softness and compliance and also effectiveness of defenses and power of attacks. The main aim of this direction of Chinese martial arts is a most fast victory in combat with the least expense of forces and energy.
   The offered book is devoted to the survey of Wing Chun Kuen technique, given us by the Great master Chan Wah Shun and his son Chan Yu Min.
   Its special feature is a harmonic combination of traditional Wing Chun Kuen holds with rigid and powerful technique of Southern Shaolin Wushu. In this style besides the widespread forms such as Siu Lim Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Jee are many new and little known forms such as “Four gates”– Saay Moon, “To Conquer tiger” – Fuk-fu Kuen, “Red sand hand” - Hung Sha Cheung and other.
   The book contains large number of illustration and will be useful for everybody, who studies the martial arts.
Paperback, 248 pages 
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From author
Chapter 1. Stands and displacements
Chapter 2. The blows technique
Blows by hands
Blows by  elbows
Blows by legs
Chapter 3. Defense technique
Blocking by hands
Blocking by legs
Chapter 4. Chi Sau - «Sticky Hands»
Chapter 5. Lop Sau – “Catching hands”
Chapter 6. Fon Sau – “Binding hands”
Chapter 7. Forms
Form “Greeting”
Siu Lim Tao - “little idea form”
Chum Kiu – “Bridges building”
Biu Jee — “Striking fingers”
Saay Moon — “Four gates”
Siu Lim Tao — Saay Moon
Fook-Fu Kuen – “Conquest of Tiger”
Hung Sha Cheung - “Red sand hand”
Chapter 8. Training with the wooden dummy

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