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Taijiquan style Wu The Fast Form - Kuai Quan

Taijiquan style Wu The Fast Form - Kuai Quan

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Taijiquan style Wu
The Fast Form - Kuai Quan
author: Igor Dudukchan
translator: Marina Kondratenko
Language: English
   It is recently believed that the art of Taijiquan lies in the slow forms with a constant speed and smooth transitions from one movement to another. However, in the classical schools of Taijiquan, after disciples acquire the Long Dajia form (Large Frame) well, consisting of a series of exaggerated slow movements, they begin the study of the secret section of the style, called Xiaojia (Small Frame) or Kuai Quan (Fast Fist).
   The «Fast Fist» is a “combat” way to fulfill the form, where all the movements are made at a different pace, fast forms change with smooth ones and all the methods have a pronounced applied nature.
   This book is devoted to a detailed description of the fast form of the Taijiquan style Wu - Kuai Quan. This form was practiced and taught to their disciples by such great masters of Taijiquan as Wu Jianquan and Ma  Yueliang.
Chapter 1
Philosophical aspects of applied art of Taijiquan
Chapter 2
Ji Ben Fa (Basic Techniques)
- Hand Form
- Stances
- Chui Fa (Punching Methods)
- Tui Fa (Kicks)
Chapter 3
Kuai Quan - The “Fast fist” form
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