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Taijiquan - The Paired Techniques

Taijiquan - The Paired Techniques

Цена: $2.99
The Paired Techniques
authora: Igor Dudukchan
language: English
     This book is devoted to a detailed description of the Paired Techniques  of the Taijiquan style Yang.  Readers are presented with techniques such as: Tuishou - Pushing Hands,  Duilian - The Pair Form,  Fajin - methods of releasing the efforts.
This e-book contains about 300 illustrations.
Chapter 1
Tuishou - “Pushing Hands”
- Position
- Pushing with one hand
- Pushing with both hands
- Pushing hands on the site
- Pushing hands with the movement
- Three steeps forwards - two steps backwards
- Three steeps forwards - three steps backwards
- Da Lu - “Large Shifting”
- Change of the hands method
Chapter 2
Duilian - Pair form
Chapter 3
Fajin - ways of releasing the efforts
1. Deflation of the force forward
2. Deflation of the force back
3. Deflation of the force forward with a twist to the side
4. Deflation of force forward with twisting upwards
5. Deflation of force with a twist up


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