Daoist Qigong

Daoist Qigong

Daoist Qigong
The Art of "Inner" Alchemy
author: Igor Dudukchan
translator: Marina Kondratenko
Language: English

     The Qigong it is a Chinese art of management of the internal energy Qi. Qigong has much different schools and directions.
The outlined Qigong method in this book was originated in Tianzhu Shan mountains and was developed by such famous Daoist masters as Ling Gu, He Jiafan, Wang Jiafan, Liang Yaopin. Its modern form, this system got due to the efforts of such mentor as Liu Shaobin.
A distinctive feature of the presented to the readers system is the harmonious combination of static and dynamic exercises, which allows easily and relatively quickly achieve tangible results in the mastering of the ancient Daoist art of the "Inner alchemy".

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Chapter 1
The Basic Rules of Qigong
Chapter 2
Theoretical aspects of the Tianzhu Shan Qigong system
Chapter 3
Dynamic Qigong exercises
Section 1. “The art of taking of position of internal pill growing”
Section 2. “The art of gathering Yin Qi and Yang Qi”
Section 3. “The opening of consciousness for a celestial mind”
Section 4. “The art of movement of internal pill”
Chapter 4
Static Qigong exercises
Focusing on the area of the lower Dantian
Moving Qi from the lower Dantian to the average Dantian
Gathering three flowers in the top, melting  of the spirit and achievement of emptiness
The final exercise
Return to a normal state of consciousness
Chapter 5
Basic of “Energetic Massage”
Chapter 6
The General concepts about Training
Appendix . The Body Points

 Paperback, 80 pages


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