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Baguazhang - Forms and Martial Application

Baguazhang - Forms and Martial Application

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- Forms and Martial Applications
author: Wang Zhang Yuan
language: English
Paperback, 118 pages
    The book, offered to your attention, is devoted to describing the basic and applied technique of one of classic internal styles of Chinese Wushu – Baguazhang school.
   The work presents methods and forms of training alone and with a partner, successively, step by step. The large material is accompanied with detail illustrations accenting attention on important aspects of martial application of the technique of this style.
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Introduction - Baguazhang history
Name and origin
Jibengong – basic exercises
Jiben Ba Zhang – eight main palms
San Ti Shi – a stance of three bodies
Bu Xing – stances
Bu Fa – Movements
Exercises with a movements along a circle
Circle conception
“Palm of eight trigrams” form
Wuji – infinity form
Taiji – “Great Limit” form. The beginning of movement
Liang Yi – the form of double order. The Single Changing Palm
Yongfa – martial application
Si Siang – four elements. Double changing palm
Yongfa – martial application
Qian trigram - The lion form
Yongfa – martial application
Kun tragram - The unicorn form
Yongfa – martial application
Kan trigram - The Snake form
Yongfa – martial application
Li trigram - The Hawk form
Yongfa – martial application
Zhen trigram - The Dragon form
Yongfa – martial application
Gen trigram - The Bear form
Yongfa – martial application
Xun trigram - The Phoenix form
Yongfa – martial application
Dui trigram - The Monkey form
Yongfa – martial application
Pair training
Attack methods
Methods of defense and counterattack
Continuous attack
Methods of defense from grips

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